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Exchange visits and Internships

Exchange visits and internshipsBeing an axis of Education for Sustainable Development between Peru and the UK, GlobalEd can only bring so much into the classroom. There is nothing more valuable than a physical visit to your partner school. Whatever the educational or aspirational needs for your foreign visit, GlobalEd can support you all the way. We can facilitate teacher exchanges, student expeditions, internships, GAP year trips, ‘busman’ holidays, undergraduate foreign year visits and so on.

Over the past 10 years we have successfully helped a variety of people of all ages to achieve one of their life’s special moments. We work closely with local travel experts that equally have a commitment to sustainable development. Careful consideration is given to the environmental and social impacts of a trip to Peru. Air travel together with other aspects of a visit’s carbon footprint are balanced by a programme of tree planting in schools and their local communities, providing valuable fruit, nuts and medicinal material as well as trees suitable to be used for recreational activities.

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