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Latin Quarter            

Latin Quarter is the salsa hub for the Dundee region of Scotland, reflecting Sarah Broxholme’s dedication to teaching and events. GlobalEd first started working with Sarah as a go between for her work supporting the Azul Wasi home for boys in Cusco.

Since 2002 Sarah and the salsa fraternity have raised sufficient funds over each year to be one of Azul Wasi’s core funders. Without the support the home would never have taken shape and the boys would still be left with uncertain futures.

As a consequence of the salsa events many ‘eventers’ have taken the story back to their own places of work; teachers, local authority workers, bankers and so on. A well established programme of education with Dundee primary schools has been developed supporting the young learners in their bid to understand life in diverse cultures.

Latin Quarter can be contacted for whatever your salsa needs in the area. Regular events featuring local and international bands are fuelled by the increasing number of salsa devotees, all putting into practice what they have learnt from Sarah’s classes.

For more information please contact