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Peace Child International       

Having been asked to review the original Peace Child International (PCI) publication ‘Rescue Mission Planet Earth’ way back in 1994, the relationship with this global player in sustainability, education and youth has been profound and continued.

Peruvian youth have been involved in PCI’s projects as well as designing and producing educational resources specifically for Peruvian schools, such as the Indicators Programme, ‘Club 21’ and the programme on Human Rights Education.

PCI has since engaged the world’s youth in the production of key publications and initiatives in sustainability activities within communities and schools. Ever present on the world stage in a promotional role, PCI continues to push the boundaries of accepted thinking and activity.
For the latest in how PCI can help your school or community take responsibility for the next generations visit their website and see what’s going on in your area.

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Azul Wasi        

It all started back in 2001 when Azul Wasi was then known as Project Colibri and the Peace Child International funded project was a small scale T shirt business for working children in Cusco.

The founder Alcides Jordan could never have realised then that 8 years later he would be running a home for 12 boys, contributing to the development of local communities and be on the receiving end of so much admiration and therefore support.

You can read the full story by referring to the accompanying documents and presentations.

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