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Alternative funding strategies

Alternative funding strategiesGlobalEd considers this as a basic principle and a justification of the global dimension as being key to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Put crudely it is simply not enough for only the rich nations to become sustainable citizens through well resourced Education for Sustainable Development. For Education for Sustainable Development to be universal we need to employ mechanisms that can resource quality Education for Sustainable Development in poorer nations like Peru in an equally sustainable manner.

Developing opportunities by linking producers and consumers across the globe we know produces wealth or profit. There is no time for us to continue fiddling about with international, national, regional and local politics and development in order to find solutions to funding universal Education for Sustainable Development. With schools representing whole communities linked across the globe, within their particular curricula there are a ‘wealth’ of opportunities for ‘fair trading’ and therefore financing universal Education for Sustainable Development.

It's simple for any micro business idea between partner schools - don't just cut out the 'middle man', be that middleman and the one at the beginning and end, it's in your hands.